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1 year ago
This was like 50 years ago
jonty 9 years ago
Berer says no toeautiful. But not as impressive as my wife,who sometimes gushes 5 feet and can soak the bed.She never says no to an extra cock,either.
dhanan 10 years ago
Dam lovely cuming
DDclit 11 years ago
She is squirting you have to stimulate the G-spot and this is real. Im rubbing mine right now! Yummy!
donald love 12 years ago
i like your cute pussy
fraidh 12 years ago
What the hell tou talking about gays...
Cmon it just fake ,
just like her boobs just stupid fake...
julla 13 years ago
She is peeing not squirting(first one was maybe squirt but not others)
Duh 13 years ago
It's called "cumming"
ewwww 13 years ago
ew who pisses like tht? if i pissed on my bf like tht hed totally be disgusted. id be the same way if he dd tht. wait can guys also 'squirt'?
$$$ 13 years ago
she is being paid to have orgasms. cant think of a better job