Booking questions

You have the option to book in advance. If you chose to do so, you can check i faster via our Drive Inn. No reservation? You have to park first and make on at the reception. On busy days there often times is a queue and the choice of places is smaller. There is no risk to booking in advance, you can cancel free of charge by e-mail and up to 24 hours before the arrival date.

You can make a reservation per camper via the Online system on the website.

When booking online, you will come across a box for comments. You can write down three preferred numbers there. We always manage to assign one of those numbers. If you just enter one number chances are that spot is already occupied.

Yes. Of course there has to be room though. Give us the name of the person you want to stand next to and we will take care of it. You can enter that name in the box “Other /Comments “

There is only 1 cancellation rule: You can cancel free of charge by e-mail, but it has to be 24 hours before arrival date.  You will receive a cancellation confirmation.

Yes. There are several offers for Winter holidays.

Yes, the current various offers are listed on the website.

Questions for facilities

Camper Service Station; there is an automatic flushing machine for your toilet cassette. You can activate this machine with the Service Card.

Hot Shower; put the card in front of the card reader and you can take a shower. Remove the card and the shower will stop.

You have to pay electricity per KwU at places with a KwU power column.

At the reception you can top up. You can pay with cash or PIN.

On departure you can take the card with you for a next stay or exchange it for cash. Returning is done via the Reception.

The current is the same, all power connections supply 10 Amp. In places with a normal power connection you pay 3.75 euros per night. In a place with a KwU power column you can pay via the Service Card according to consumption (0,60 per KwU).

There are two sanitary buildings with a total of 14 showers and 14 toilets. There are also eight washing-up areas with hot water.

No. Nearby, in Eersel, there are supermarkets and shops.  Through the reception we sell –to order– fresh rolls and croissants for breakfast.

Our Camper place has great swimming water and the nature around it is beautiful. We have weeks that there are 150 campers with an average stay of 4 / 5 days on the park. They flush their toilet cassette at least 2 times.  How much chemical agent then disappears into the sewer system? We do not think that is justified! That is why we offer a good organic toilet remedy at an attractive rate (13.50 per liter) via the website and the Reception. We try to get our guests to use this agent instead of chemical agent.


Yes, the visitor rate is 2.50 eu pp. You pay at the reception. Visitors can park in the parking lot next to the camper place.  

Accommodation questions

If you have booked in advance, you can drive the camper to the Drive Inn Check-in. There you will receive the latest information, any ordered items, answers to your questions, etc. Within two minutes you are at your spot!

If you have not booked in advance, park first and make a reservation at the Reception. On busy days there can be a queue.

From 12.30 pm. If the place is available earlier, you can go there earlier.

No, you can’t. We don’t have a “half day rate” or anything like that.

The municipality of Eersel, to which we belong, uses a distinction between Camping and Camperplaats. Only Campers may be allowed on the Camperplaats.  

No tent, roof tent, inflatable tent, etc are allowed on an Camperplaats. Only Campers with an awning and 1 side wall. (a Camper is a Camper if it has a Camper registration). Just this: A car that you can sleep in is not a camper either.

The municipality of Eersel, to which we belong, uses a clear distinction between Camping and Camperplaats. Only Campers may be allowed on the Camperplaats. So no caravans.

Yes, these are on our website. This way you can take note of the rules in advance. Click here. After reservation, we will also send these rules with the reservation confirmation.

Certainly, barbecuing is allowed on gas and electricity but not on charcoal.


Yes. Per camper we allow a maximum of 3 pets. Around the camper and on the park they always have to be on a leash. You can also put a fence around your place, inside that fence, the pet can stay off the leash. Make sure that the pet can not get to the neighbors.

Cleaning up after your dog is a responsibility of every pet owner. On site we provide poo bags.

No. Since February 2021, by order of the Province of Brabant, it is no longer allowed to let your pets swim in the water at Landgoed Duynenwater. Nowhere on the site, so not even on the Camperplaats. The explanation of this rule is that it should prevent the cross-contamination between pets and humans.  An annoying Corona measure. It has been imposed on us and we will have to enforce it.


No, there is no restaurant on the site. In our App you will find information about restaurants in the nearby area.