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Ontdek de Duynenwater

Our spacious camper park is part of the Landgoed Duynenwater estate, with no less than 1.26 km² of water, beaches and forests. A stunning natural area in Eersel, a true Gem in the Brabantse Kempen, with its many hiking and cycling routes. It is also close to the border with Belgium and cities like Eindhoven and Tilburg. (Efteling , Safaripark Beekse Bergen) The long, white sand beach and the crystal clear water will entice young and old to spend long days here with lots of fun. Whether you pick a spot by the water, or on the edge of the forest, you’ll find tranquillity wherever you lay down your towel or picnic rug. You will be required to make a reservation in advance. A stay on our camper parc can only be booked via an online reservation

A relaxed stay guaranteed

Extensive facilities

Duynenwater offers you as a camper owner, all modern comfort so that nothing stands in the way of a relaxed stay.
  • Restaurant Strandhuys Zuyver, Beachclub Ruby and a large sun terrace. Eating out in Burgundy, or being active at the Beach Club, it’s up to you! Coronaproof: Takeaway available so you can safely enjoy freshly prepared dishes.
  • There are two areas where dogs are welcome, one for dogs taller than 40cm, one area for dogs less than 40cm. If you have a large and a small dog, you can book in the Big Dog Area. Your first dog is free, for a second or third you pay extra, three dogs is also the maximum.
  • Reception will be in the same building as Restaurant Strandhuys Zuyver from 2021.
  • A handy Duynenwater-App provides you with all useful, necessary and Nice to Have information that you can think of. You can download the App for free in the Appstore for Android and IPhone
  • We already had a bicycle and car rental, now you can also rent a car at the reception; a nice Volkswagen Up!
  • Lots of new plantings, street lighting, and many camper pitches have been made a lot bigger.
  • A new road has been built to “the other side”, with very nice camper pitches there.
  • Our Camper Service Station is the place to be for clean water, drainage of gray water, flushing toilet cassettes, etc. This facility works on a Service pass, which you order when booking. The hot showers also work on this service pass
An enthusiastic and committed family runs Camperplaats Duynenwater. “We are focused on further improving the comfort for our guests.”

Reserve online, simple and fast

This is how it works:

At Duynenwater, you always book in advance, this prevents disappointment at the barrier. This can be done quickly and easily online, via this website.
  • Choose your pitch type; at the beach, at the edge of the forest or a pet place,
  • Choose your arrival and departure date and immediately see availability and price,
  • Enter name, email and guest names, order a service card,
  • Secure online payment and you will immediately receive a confirmation in your mailbox.
Renewing an existing reservation is just as easy. The range of accommodation packages differs per season.

Useful! A service pass!

This is a card with which you “pay” for certain facilities such as our Camper Service Station or the hot showers. The credit on this card remains valid throughout the current year. Handy when you come back to us ☺ When booking you can already order this card so that it will be ready upon your arrival.

Arrival and departure

You can check in from 12.30 pm. Build it up, put down seats and… Relax, Love and Enjoy! Reception hours vary according to the season. Check our App for the current latest check-in times. Check-out is always before 12 noon.

Dogs are welcome at Duynenwater!

They are also allowed to swim, which is something many dogs enjoy. All this is possible if everyone adheres to the following rules: At Duynenwater there is an area for campers with dogs that are larger than 40 cm, and an area for campers with dogs that are less than 40 cm. You can see where those places are located on the map. But what if you bring a large and a small dog? Then you book in a place where large dogs are welcome. Your four-legged friend is allowed to swim at the indicated place. Your dog must be on a leash at all times and everywhere.

What do you want to know?

About Duynenwater
camper pitches

We follow the generally applicable seasonal classification in the recreation industry. This means that the low, mid and high season each has its own rates. What also plays a role in your total price is the choice of location and size of your pitch. The choice is yours 🙂 Special offers or Promotions can be found on our App (ready mid-March 2021).

Deze plaatsen hebben wij

Camperstop: a place for those who are on the road and just want to stay overnight and then move on. You can of course book a follow-up stay, but in one of the other types of places.

Comfort pitch: lovely spot on the edge of the forest or open terrain, but not directly adjacent to the beach. (about 100 square meters)

Comfort Pitch Beach: In these places you are right on the beach. (about 100 square meters)

De Luxe Beachplaats: this is a lovely big place right on the beach. (about 120 square meters)

Premium beach pitch: nice spacious pitches, right on the beach for the largest campers. (about 150 square meters)

Photo of Beachclub Ruby at Camperplaats Duynenwater


So much to do in our local community

All information in your pocket

COMING SOON: Download the Duynenwater app

Your holiday fun starts when you browse the DuyenwaterApp! All information you need about Duynenwater and the surrounding area conveniently gathered.
  • What’s on the restaurant menu?
  • What time is the Beach Club open?
  • What does a Suppen lesson
  • How can I top up the service card?
  • But also details about activities in the region, shops, cycle routes, markets, contact details for doctor or pharmacy.
The App is constantly developing and growing. You will find the free App in your App-store media February 2021.



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